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    Quote Originally Posted by poe View Post
    Well i will make my contribution here !

    Im gonna show this 15M put on UJ, the pair was bit crazy today jumping from one line to the lower and we were just trying to catch that daily bounce, in the end the H4 closed on the 111 level ( purple line ) and price started to rise, nevertheless we managed to spot a strong line that ( 201 ) that had acted before as both S/R so we thought that could be a nice entry for a 10-15 min put since price was quite OB in some TF + EMA 99 was placed right on the line giving us the confirmation we wanted to trade a short retracement .

    so in summarise !

    - ema 99 acting as resistance
    - strong level acted before as S/R
    - OB in some TF form 5-30
    - finally retreacement was happening so that's how we managed to choose the expiry

    In general a very good put that ended up ITM from the first second we took the trade

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    Thanks to Okane i was able to take this trade too. When he gives a signal, to follow his advice is my number one priority ;D

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    Thanks guys for the feedback!
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    First trade of the day, also shared on Skype:

    I spotted a breakout, these are hard to pull off but there are details to learn, like divergence, trendlines, correlation and finding targets. Putting
    these things together I gave the signal for a 10min call on AUDUSD:

    As you can see, the price is well below the two EMA's 99/200 but we don't care about that in this case, price action is our signal
    and we don't just follow indicators:

    AUDUSD Breakout trade 10 min expiry

    Results on platform

    The entry was two min into that first bullish candlestick above the trendline, on M1 you could see another confirmation, the first two candles were
    above the EMA 99 - beauty of multi-timeframe analysis!
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    I really like this thread. Nice short and good explained trades you post here. Still of great help for me!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Annovdbos View Post
    I really like this thread. Nice short and good explained trades you post here. Still of great help for me!
    Thanks for the feedback Anno, good to hear!
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    Another trade shared today in the group:

    Using resistance line, currency correlation, convergence of stochastic, I signaled the put on USDJPY.

    See the charts here, USDJPY trade at the arrow (PUT OPTION) - the other chart is Aussie, it shows the moment of correlation, support vs resistance.
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    Hey guys. Today I shared overall 4 trades in the group, 3 wins and 1 loss.

    First trade - winner
    Started with a put option on EUR AUD - there was a daily resistance that was reached so we waited patiently for price to get "saturated" near the resistance line.
    I gave the signal for a put, recommended expiry 15 minutes, see charts below. We also had convergence of stochastic being overbought on multiple timeframes, indicating the strength of
    the resistance line but we could see that based on price action too!

    15Min TF view, Entry was below that white trendline
    PS that white trendline was drawn on M1;
    Entry right when that redline crossed the white line

    Second Trade - a loss
    I signaled a call on USD JPY, for 10 minutes at a support but price went below it before eventually getting back up above it and expired below. The correlation between
    AUD USD could have helped here for avoiding this trade but at the last moment I changed my mind and gave the go so we lost this one.
    USDJPY call that failed, expiry was below the white line

    Third Trade - winner
    I shared this breakout trade based on M1 USDJPY, a 5 minute expiry was recommended for this call option! I also noticed the correlation between EUR USD, it was falling at resistance so
    it confirmed the continuation of USD JPY
    USD JPY call, breakout based on M1 timeframe!
    Entry was right when the first candle crossed the trendline, didn't wait for it to close, I saw the correlation EUR USD falling rapidly so I entered
    a bit earlier than I usually do which I also told the group. Usually it's best to wait for the candle to close above the line to be sure - specially if you are a beginner.

    Fourth and Final Trade - Winner
    This one was another one on USD JPY but a put option I shared, expiry was recommended for 15 minutes and it dropped well in the money after about 5 minutes.
    There was a resistance which was intercepted by an EMA 200 on M15 timeframe, there was good convergence of Stochastic being overbought which was a further confirmation for this.
    USD JPY put 15 minutes - M5 timeframe is seen here, entry right below the trendline
    M15 timeframe, here you see EMA 200 intercepting trendline

    And that's it for me, for this week!
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    Thanks for sharing Belardo! Good job on those trades
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    Market Analysis 26th Mars Before Market Opening !!!

    Hey all. Here are my simple analysis for 4 assets before market opening. Bear in mind that on Monday (Sunday Nights here) when the market opens
    there usually is a gap so prices could start below a trendline / S&R line and then price might retrace back to those lines or "correct" itself.

    Here are the four assets:




    EURUSD H4 (OOBS!! H4 here, I used H4 here cause the trend looks clear on this TF)
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    EUR/USD kind of a mess at the moment. Bullish trend is translating in sideways triangle and unpredictable outcome, maybe tomorrow morning it will clear out
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