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    Can one Google Adsense account work for two websites? !!!

    Hello Forumers:

    Something is not clear to me and I would love to hear a correct answer from you. Please.

    I have a Gmail account and a blogspot account (blog). I also have a standalone website.

    I applied for Google Adsense for my area (blog). I also applied for Adsense for my website. I applied through the same Gmail account/ blogger (using the same login details).

    Eventually, Adsense started running on the blog and the website.

    However my question is this:

    In my earnings record, do you think either the earnings from the blog or the website is being recorded?

    Or is it accurate to believe that the earnings here,, come from the blog and the website altogether?

    I would be happy from enlightenment/explanation from a savvy person.

    Many thanks…
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    Yes something not clear for me also,we are binary option forum,so what all about your query about Google Adsense?
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    i guess pornhub . com and redtube have some prime answers for u :P
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    This is binary options forum. I don't understand what do you mean by that.

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    This is not our strength. We are all traders and not Adsense experts. I did some adsense many years ago and I believe everything is properly tracked by the adsense code. If you paste the code in the proper place on your blog you don't have to wary anything else. Everything will be tracked through your Adsense panel Find some help from their site or from the net. There so much free information out there!
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    Guess what dear, we already explained this to you in the other thread you created a while ago:


    Already forgot the answers there?

    OK, let me remind you; "Try Google Support".
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    guys, yeah, it's a binary options forums but still a forum! (: I don't really work with Google adsense, can't help you ...
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    Thanks for your answers. I know it got nothing to do with BO, and that's why I posted in the off-topic section.
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    Very interesting question, I bet google support would answer it best, try writing to them.

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