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    60% to 75% Accurate prediction for Current Open Candle- Partner needed to grow this !!!

    I have developed a method that lets me predict with 60 to 75% accuracy on the current open candle, this can be valuable for binary traders who may want to confirm if their opened trade will be profitable, they can use this info to remain in trade or close their binary position early with brokers like nadex who permit early exit to save some losses.

    For example You open a trade say a 5 minute call at 11pm, at 11.01 (+ - 10 sec depending on the algorithm) our system / website will predict the direction that this candle shall close at 11.05. You may use this info to confirm the direction of your trade you opened or plan to open with expiry of 11.05 (with 60 to 75% accuracy). Our website will not delete / fudge / manipulate / repaint any prediction signals. Every day end we shall list all prediction signals & the total accuracy of all our signals during that day (without fudging).

    Every open candle shall be predicted & we shall display the live accuracy rate of our day's predictions & the achieved accuracy level of the previous days.

    Can someone partner with me to to make this public & market it for a share of business? PM me pls.

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    60%-75% accuracy is fine.

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    Hey, read the forum rules or get banned. Are you a broker or discussing a broker?
    NO. You are in the wrong room. If you want to promote a service, feel free but do it in the right room.
    Take a few minutes and read the rules first.
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    Thread moved to business room, the only place in the forum where it is allowed to promote systems, signals, business partnerships or anything else business related. In other rooms it is not allowed and you are risking ban. We are quite quick on this so be careful
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