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    Finding Holy Grail !!!

    Hi All,

    Just out of curiosity, I am not sure if this one is done or not, but if you guys seem to have your own "Holy Grail" indicators or strategies what ever works for you guys.

    Would any of you guys will share it or keep it to your self ?!?!

    Like to hear your guys opinions !

    Catch ya guys later

    May the trading gods be with ya'all

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    Yes, we have found it... its called : " Learn how to trade Price Action "

    It is very easy to learn, u just need a couple of years of practice, patience, effort, hours of study, charting skills and average of 3 blown accounts but in the end it is worth every second !

    good luck with that .
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    Welcome to the bots. Its the Holly Grail!

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    Ha ha Poe,well sayd and you are absolutely right,the Holy Grail hiding in Petra and that's for treasure hunters.

    We have own Price Action treasure which is hiding in patience,practice and haours of study,of course the way to treasure is
    quit narrow with up's and down's,but is well wothy as you mentioned....
    Work hard in silence,let your success be your noise...

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    That's good, Petra.. but I think that's only in Indiana Jones... Robert Langdon found it in the UK

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    Hahaha nice discussion here

    I am big fan of Indiana Johns and his Holy Grail hunt expedition, it was lot of fun still remember the film as watched yesterday

    The truth is that such a trading "Holy Grail" really exist but... it is different to each one of us. For somebody it can be ichimoku cloud, for other it can be a magic fan of EMAs, for someone it can be a Fibonacii or Gann or some magic price action support level or volume profile or anything you want, but it is different for everyone, because everyone has different mindset, different learning curve and different perception on the market. I can truly say that two traders can trade at one and the same time in the two opposite directions and can be both profitable. This is not a kind of magic, this is the reality. There are so many information into the charts, market sentiment, psychology, news and more and more that no one can say there is a single holy grail and the answer is different to each trader. My "Holy Grail" is market sentiment in response to the news, combined with price action, support/resistance, in overall the feeling of the sentiment in a given day, it may be a long term trend or short term reaction but in general it is a gut feeling that you develop over the years, it is not a magic formula that can be thought in few words. Maybe someone else has less complicated "Holy Grail" to share with us?
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    I think when people speak of the grail most want an indicator that has 80% or more accuracy. Possibly that exist but it won't be found in a public forum.

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