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    Get Assistance with your Chargebacks! !!!

    MyChargeBack is a service that offers assistance with the process of chargebacks and sometimes this is the only way to get your money back from a bad broker that doesn’t answer your phone calls and emails. If you’ve ever been in need of doing a chargeback but not sure what to say to your bank or how to start the process, MyChargeBack will offer assistance and guide you along the way.

    If you need more information about them, please read this article: “Been Scammed? MyChargeBack Helps You Get Your Money Back from Binary Options Brokers”
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    Waiting for success stories!
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    Me too, I like the idea of these services but have always been skeptical.

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    Nice. It will be interesting.

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    Despite the fact that the regulatory bodies are more and more restrictive and the cases of defrauding broadly spread and warned about, the number of victims is still horrifying. The main reason is that many traders-to-be are reluctant to elementarily check if the broker is regulated, even though sometimes it is a shady process of selling the platform to a different parent company and cannot be foreseen.
    As for chargebacks, the number of successful completions is laughably miserable. I hope that the recommended service does work and can't wait for the first positive review to pop up. Indeed, negotiating a refund with the party who stole the money is a sheer waste of time and it is quite sad when you find stories online about people negotiating and waiting a response after years of being cheated and lied. Notwithstanding, I am still a little sceptical about the mechanism described. Requesting a chargeback from the card issuer rarely ever works, not because of the bank or interrmediates, but because scams are aware of the fact that their activity is illegal and defend themselves with a constantly changing identity. Most likely, their bank account is temporary, their address is fake and the parent company just a matter of time, there were brokers that switched from a company to another more than three times, and in most of the cases none of the data isn't authentic soon afterwards.
    It is much safer to commit to a regulated broker from the very beginning. The first and foremost advantage is that even if the broker turns out to be unscrupulous later because of a management change or anything of the kind (which is highly unlikely) regulatory bodies usually have a compensation fund ( for example INVESTOR COMPENSATION FUND (I.C.F) for the CySEC brokers). However, even the licensing institution cannot help if the sum exceeds $20,000.
    The most rational decision is to collaborate with a regulated broker and keep your account as far from the $20,000 limit as possible. Basically, novices must also avoid any kind of bonuses, ‘Free cash’ and VIP accounts which are already well known for being used as a bait.

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    I've been trading one broker since November.I don't mention it broker name. More less unregulated but they are not profession.Very bad attitude about timing to withdraw the money. Before withdraw processed I have to be called by phone broker to confirm it.

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