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    Forex or Stocks? !!!

    Hi, I would like to ask if what would be a better investment between forex and stocks? And what would be more profitable between the two? I appreciate your suggestion.

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    that's like asking which has a better taste, an apple or a watermelon.
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    Forex pairs for daily trading time frame expiry while stocks for weekly time frame expiry. I can't provide better answer.

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    I have to agree with both Martin and Milos Trading stocks or forex are two totally different universes. They can not be traded like one is the same to the other. There are traders who trade only stocks their whole life, there are traders that are specialized only in forex or only commodities trading. If you like to analyse individual stocks, to read everything about them, to follow news about earnings reports than go with them! If you like macroeconomics, to follow central bank policies and global political events impacting the markets than forex is your stuff. If you don't know what you want than you need to learn and learn till you understand better the difference and chose. If you have any other questions you can ask
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    Quote Originally Posted by SweetAnalyst View Post
    Hi, I would like to ask if what would be a better investment between forex and stocks? And what would be more profitable between the two? I appreciate your suggestion.
    As Milos, Martin & kolyo has mentioned. Both stocks and forex are 2 different investment vehicles. It depends on each trader's approach and preference

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    Adding to everything said above, there are different fundamental factors affecting both stocks and forex. When it comes to fundamental analysis, earnings reports, management decisions, company's reputation, scandals affect the price of stocks. In other words, it's about microeconomics. At the same time, fundamental forex is more affected by macroeconomic fundamental factors such as GDP, gross unemployment rate, interest rates decisions etc. And it's up to you to decide which world to enter better and what you are interested in.

    As for what is more profitable, both of them could be profitable as well as both of them could be detrimental. It depends on the trader's skills. I know traders who are purely focused on currency pairs because they found forex more profitable for them. However, there are traders who primarily focus on stocks as that's what makes consistent profit for them.

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    These questions are from the same category like what's better forex or options. Everyone chooses what's best for them and trades where it's most convenient.

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    When I trade stocks I watch out stocks indices like S&P500, Dow Jones, Nasdaq or DAX30. I usually take end of the day expiry. If I want to trade stocks I watch out what stocks belong to stock index group. If Dow Jones rises I can trade call option to all stocks to belong this index.

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    I like Forex more

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