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    Quote Originally Posted by poe View Post
    I LOOOOLED SOOO HARD with this !
    Haha . Good to have some fun while trading.

    Anyway. Regarding books Mustafak, we have a thread about good books:

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    Well i was studying since the past year and I go into trading and lost $10(I know that by the most of you are a small amount but i live in a "third-world country" and 10 usd is a lot the advantage is that here the food is very cheap). I fail and i going into deeper study.

    Right now after read a lot a books, CT forum mostly Ronnel diary and improve my english i can say that i know a lot more than 1 month ago.

    I'll go to the demo to prove all the things that i have learned, i think that soon i can reach my goal of 70% accuracy and i will able to start with my life and get out of poverty.

    Yeah my head is a mess but i have to concentrate with the charts for now.

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    i hope you will Mustafak, your charts look nice and you have the proper mindset/attitude.

    best of luck!

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    Hey Mustafak Hope you are doing well and your learning is improving over time. If you don't have good starting capital the best is to play safe and trade on demo as long as possible, before you gain experience. I did a lot of demo trades in the past and still trade on demo if I am learning new trading instrument or new platform
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    That's the spirit! persevere! you will overcome!
    "Great Googely Moogely" ... Frank Zappa

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    Well this is of today, i hate my mistakes, i dont know how avoid them.

    I need help of a pro Scalper(Willy, Ronnel) or anyone that could help me

    Thanks in advance

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