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    If somebody don't know what is leverage here it is: taking positions that are hundred times greater than your initial deposit. If the price of the asset move with 1% you are dead! That's what leverage is and brokers love it because this is the highway transferring the money from your pocket to their pocket. Fortunately in binary options there is no leverage, but you can still lose all your money in just one click. That's why binary brokers don't need leverage, they need traders stupid enough to risk all their money in a single trade. If you want to never blow your account than never risk more than 2% in a single trade. I know many of you are using 10% of your capital as money management scheme, but you have to know that in this case if you have a string of 10 losing trades in a row, low probability but if you trade frequently it always happen sooner or later than you have to start over again.

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    To be s(ec)ure: use 2% of your account to trade with.

    Leverage is not aplyable in binary options, so why posting this?

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