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    Top 5 Effective Tips to be a Successful Forex Trader: Beginners’ Guide !!!

    When people get to know that the forex market is highly volatile and everyday roughly 5.5 trillion dollars is traded in this market, they want to trade in the market in order to make money. In fact they sign up for a forex broker in their imagination. But forex trading (LINK DELETED) is not so easy. You need to know the basics in order to make a successful profit.
    In order to trade forex, don't take an easy way out. Time, effort and diligence make you a successful forex trader. It is not possible to master forex trading in a short span of time. Rather, you need to follow some simple yet important steps in order to be a successful forex trader.

    1. Read financial market news regularly:
    Perhaps one of the best ways to learn forex trading is by keeping yourself upgraded with global financial news. If you don't make yourself familiar with the latest trends in the forex market, you will not be aware of any latest news and trends that are happening there. For example, you would only have been aware of the Greek debt crisis in the year 2007-2008, if you were up to date with financial market news.

    2. Understand the key concepts of the forex industry by researching carefully:
    Once you have made yourself up to date with the financial activities and financial events, try to know more about the forex market. In order to know the industry, you need to have the details about certain events that can have an effect on the forex markets. For example, events like periodic release of employment data and jobs by the Australian Bureau of Statics and its foreign equivalents are huge trading events in the currency markets.

    3. You can sign up to a few free forex training courses:
    Once you are up to date with financial market news and you are clear about the key concepts of the forex industry, it is the time to sign up to a free forex training course. It has been seen that many people spend a lot of money on learning forex education. But, there are some training courses who offer you free forex training (though they may cost you some money for the trading software that is used in the seminar you have to attend). However, by graduating from these free forex training courses, you will be able to gather excellent foreign exchange knowledge. With the help of these trading courses you will also be able to know about the effective trading strategies that will give you success in the long term.

    4. Practice with a demo account:
    Most forex brokers offer their potential traders a free demo account with an intention to generate leads and get them clients. However, it can be beneficial for you too, as you can use their free demo account in order to practice your trading. These demo accounts are especially designed for novice traders so that they become familiar with the dynamic and volatile forex trading market and the forex trading strategies. If you are successful for at least more than five times, try your hand at live trading, but if you lose, spend a bit more time for practising before risking your real money.

    5. You should not bite off more than you can chew:
    This is the last step of your learning, where you are actually ready to trade on the real platform. But always remember, you have to trade within your means. An experienced trader never risks more than two percent of his trading capital. And you are starting your trading as a newbie, so follow the expert traders and try to maintain their strategies. You should not put all your eggs in one basket. All you need to do is to choose your leverage ratio, which matches your risk tolerance.

    Investing in knowledge pays the best interest. This is absolutely true in the case of forex trading. There can indeed be no end to learning. Therefore, consider learning your trade as an investment rather than an expensive burden. Knowledge is something that will give you a successful trading career in return.

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    I like your post, nevertheless, it's not a Forex forum...
    “Don't believe anything you read on the net. Except this. Well, including this, I suppose.” ― Douglas Adams

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    Useful analysis. Thanks.

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    Useful tips. Thanks for share it with us

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    You probably could also add that getting a Mentor who's successful could save some time learning from the school of hard knocks.

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