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    Rickys trading diary !!!

    Hello fellow traders. I started in BO getting sucked into the Fast Cash scam. I then tried various robots but all are shady and don't work. I believed there must have been a better way and 8 months after first seeing BO came across this community.

    I've done the school and am testing out 60 seconds trades for some reason I'm doing better with them.

    My strategy is simple. I use M1, MACD and Stochastic. I watch for Stochastic crossing it's price line and if it's going the same way as MACD look at the candles.

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    Today I placed 2 trades and won both on demo mode. I will continue to test to see if I need to refine it. I find the Ayrex platform to be excellent for it as you can set candles to be 15 seconds and watch if there is resistance in the M1 candle on the MetaTrader4 platform

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    Do try also some longer tf

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    Hey! Keeping a trading diary is great.
    Please take a few minutes and look at some other trading diaries for inspiration!
    I suggest you install lightshot and save screenshots as JPEG format and upload for best results so we can guide you. Keep it up!
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    I'll be using Tdi 5 minute trades with pa on m15

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    Quote Originally Posted by trickyd View Post
    I'll be using Tdi 5 minute trades with pa on m15
    Try on the demo and post your result here

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