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    Some fundamental analysis !!!

    Well maybe the topic title is a little exaggerated. For now I am busy setting up my home trading desk which consists of a lap top with a second bigger screen for metatrader. For now I didn't had much time, but I made clear that I now take time to actually learn trading on a demo account. I'll be trading from 12 to 16 hr. in the eur/usd. Basically on the demo demo account until I feel confident enough to actually start trading. I stopped smoking, so every 3 days I put 10 euros on my account, so when I feel ready I all ready have some leverage, beside that, it motivates me to stay away from my addiction!

    To the question, beside technical analysis, I found that it's hard to build discipline. What I mean is following the financial news, but it is also a matter of where to start. I already got the advise that as an absolute beginner don't trade when important news comes out. I'll take that advise serious. I found a site dailyfx with a calendar which also marks the news for the currency pairs with important or less important. Does anybody know if this calendar is suitable for a beginner like me?

    I also have some books of market indicators, they all focus on USA market, does anybody know a good book about the European market indicators?

    I strongly believe that I can not be the most perfect fundamental analyst, but it is important to know the markets where you trade in as well as following the news. It would strongly help me to build up knowledge and also build up discipline to follow the news.

    As you can see, I am a beginner with a dream, but not a dreamer, it takes effort and not fantasy to start making money.
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    Hey there. Please start by reading this article first:

    News trading

    There is also a video in there explaining how I go about news trading and where I look things up.

    After that, I strongly recommend this article in which I try to explain how much the technical aspect matters even after the news is over.

    I use ForexFactory but any calendar you can read works well.

    You can view the material above to get an idea about news trading first but I think it's best to master technical trading before getting
    too much into news interpretations and news trading. (in my opinion)
    Once you know technicals, you can trade whatever and whenever you want.
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    Basically I try to avoid trading whenever there is important news just because of my lack of skills. Whoever I think that following the news, or get some discipline by following the news, of the asset your trading in is important. That's why I am looking for books and news channels.

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    There's an auto trade solution by worth checking

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    I use also I trade 30 minutes after the news.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cynthia07 View Post
    There's an auto trade solution by worth checking
    what do these crappy signals have to do with fundamental analysis? quit spamming or you'll get banned.

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    @cynthia - I don't see how's your posting related to this page.

    In any case, I checked your posting history and (un)surprisingly I found this one dated back to 2013: http://forums.binaryoptionsthatsuck....=7495#post7495

    your comment?
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    I personally started with fundamental analysis, but with time switched to technical, because trading on news in my opinion is too risky and unpredictable.

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    From your description I can say you are now in the period of adaptation to the lifestyle that trading entails.
    Starting from your first point of concern you outlined, the risk that news trading implies, indeed the market is extremely volatile and in many cases price fluctuations are inexplicable. However, despite keeping a passive position you must not disregard the market reaction to the news. As you gradually make observations and start building your strategy enter trading, but not forthwith. The best risk to profit ratio is between 30-60 minutes after the announcement.
    As for the main source of information, it is extremely useful to follow a site providing daily macro and micro news. The issue is that many traders lose because they don't take into account macro events and only focus on the micro ones. Following such a calendar explains so many price movements that otherwise might seem unexpected. For a novice it helps a lot to educate the discipline that technical traders have. However, as you trade currencies, this branch is very popular and there are even better alternatives to dailyfx.
    Regarding books, as you are interested in foreign exchange, Currency Forecasting: A Guide to Fundamental and Technical Models of Exchange Rate Determination by Michael R. Rosenberg is, in my opinion, a fundamental lecture. The author depicts the main principles of currency trading without too many superfluous or pointless statements. It is essential for technical traders-to-be.
    To sum up, trading does require commitment, but your approach is serious enough and I think you are ready to face the upcoming challenges. Either way, it is possible to foresee potential dangers and ameliorate the impact, but it is impossible to avoid loss entirely and you must not be discouraged by this.

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    It is a pretty interesting thing for me, thanks! I have recently started learning different aspects of binary options trading with the help of the service at Maybe you will find it useful for you as well, check it out
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