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Oh gosh... I was watching his videos in youtube and curious about his method of trading. So I googled and stumbled upon this thread. I never thought I would be assumed as a scammer just because I was asking for a strategy, which said to be offered for free here instead of paying $100. Anyway, I found somebody is posting his method in a blog for free (just google his name+strategy). Basically he is using two TF BB to enter at reversal point. The win rate of 90-95% is relying on how well I could read price. It's guaranteed to lose if I can't read price and 90% win rate will be just a wishful thinking.

sorry if I mistook you for a scammer if you are not, it did look suspicious though. Anyway, nested Bollinger bands are a decent way to trade. BBands are good for dynamic support and resistance as well as entry signals. Doesn't mean this guy is any good, or that his signals will make you money, and you will for sure have to open an account with whatever broker it is he gets his commissions from. It's a sales trick, don't fall for it.