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    Free Binary Options Introduction Webinar - Recommended for Beginners !!!

    Binary Options Introduction Webinar - a Good Start for Beginners
    These webinars are FREE and will be public on our YouTube channel - Subscribe

    New to trading? Not sure how to get started?
    Join our recurring webinars on YouTube where you can ask questions in the live chat while
    learning about various subjects regarding binary options trading:

    1. Brief info on brokers, the types of platforms and standard trading features.

    2. Why traders and their strategies normally fail, different money management styles, are indicators good or bad etc.

    3. What includes Technical Analysis and why it is a MUST before you can become profitable in trading?

    How often will there be a webinar?
    I plan to do once per month.

    Where and when is the next webinar?
    I will announce when and post the direct link to the webinar right here in this thread so
    make sure you subscribe to the thread. The webinars will be on our YouTube channel here

    -Of course, you don't really need the direct-link to the webinar - just go to the channel at the right time.
    Time will be displayed here at least a few days or
    a week before the webinar is due.

    You can also follow us on Facebook where we will be announcing the time and date for the upcoming Free Webinars!

    You can find out more info about Introduction Webinars on this page which also includes a FAQ section at the end.
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    Best introduction webinar ever. Waiting for the next session! cheers Okane!
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    Put me on the list...

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    Nice. Awesome.

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    First Intro Webinar in Jan 2017 !!!

    Hey all! Time for the first Intro webinar of this year!

    We will be live on Wednesday 25th of January on YouTube CommuniTraders Live Channel.

    How to join? Simply make sure you visit CommuniTraders Live Channel on 25th at 16:00 GMT+1
    and then click videos till you see that we are streaming. If you don't see it, refresh the page or look here because I will post the direct-link right here
    when I am live.

    Not sure what 16 GMT+1 means? Compare your time here.

    For more info, see the first post in this thread and the links provided there.
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    Will be here next week. Awesome Okane.

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    Oooff,working again...

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    yes, defo gonna be there !
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    alright! finally!
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    Hey all. Webinar starts in about 40 minutes. I will post the link here just in case but you can also just go to our YouTube channel.

    This is good for beginners. I will first talk about BOTS and the Community here, brief info on brokers and their platforms and then
    I will talk about Charts/MetaTrader - since I see too many people are confused about charting and MT4 and useful tips.
    In addition, I will also talk about what I think beginners should focus on.

    See you soon!
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