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    Ciprian's trading diary !!!

    Hello everybody,

    Welcome to my trade journal. Here I will post all of my trades and I will explain with pictures, the reasons behind my actions.

    Allrightsy! Let us begin!

    Today I took a trade on the euro/usd pair.
    I was trying to figure this mini uptrend and jump on it.

    The arrow under the candle represents my entry (I always enter right at the beginning of a candle) and that tiny little cross is the expiry (always expires at the beginning of the candle). Teal price is my entry price.

    Ok, so me as a newbie I was really confused when I saw this, it kind of messed me up a little bit (That big ass bullish candle that came like out of nowhere, the one in which I started drawing my trendline) Here we have a closer look on it:

    Is that a market opening? Why doesn't the candle continue from the end of the previous candle?

    Ok, now getting back to my trade. I drew this trendline and as we can see in the picture, I connected two upper lows. I waited for the third touch and then after the candle has ended I entered the trade. My plan was to hop in a two hour trade by looking at 30min candles. But as I was entering the trade I saw that a two hour option is unavailable on the BOTS demo platform so I entered a one hour trade

    Also, I read a little trough someone elses journal and found out that he was using trendlines in the RSI indicator. I tried to do that and here are my "creations". What I tried to do was to connect the line as in the same hour (timeframe) like in the candlesticks. I know, it's hard to explain in words, but thankfully here I have some pictures that will help me explain myself.

    (The start of the line)

    (The end of the line)

    I'm pretty noob and don't know much about the RSI indicator but I think that I failed miserably with those lines.

    In conclusion I will write down some of the reasons that made me lose this trade.

    Reason no.1: Although I have read Milos' market news where he noted that the euro/usd pair will keep it's downtrend I did the opposite and looked for miniuptrends.
    Reason no.2: I have learned from Okane that a trader must have at least 3 indicators or reasons or something that confirms you hoping into a particular trade. (I had only one reason/confirmation to do the trade which was that third touch thingy)

    Well, that was my first trade and eventough it was a losing trade, it was an awesome trade because I'm starting to practice a little bit some of the things that I learned in the BOTS Trading School. I'm at the beginning of "College" right now, and I want to combine the theory with practice
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails firsttrade.jpg
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    Hey there.

    Look at the date . What period are we in? Big holiday period!
    What happens to the market then? Low volatility and irregular "jumps" and prices.
    This is why most traders don't touch the market or even open their charts during holidays.

    If you look at the charts, you will notice the candles are extremely in a tight range. In fact, on H4 of EURUSD for example,
    the candles are pretty much "Doji's" = indecisive candlesticks.

    I suggest you wait and trade after the holiday new/year period is over when market really "comes back to life" - and that you will notice, I promise!
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    Yes, take a break and have a nice holiday and come after 5 Jan, 2017

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    Alright guys, will do!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New year to y'all!!

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    I will not trade i the next two weeks. Xmas and New Year's holidays. Unpredicted and unusual price movements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by milos View Post
    I will not trade i the next two weeks. Xmas and New Year's holidays. Unpredicted and unusual price movements.
    After 5 Jan, all traders will be back full swing in the market

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    Hello guys,
    I would like to apologize for not taking your advice and wait until January 5, and today I took a trade.
    Now, before I took the trade, I would like to mention that I was very cautious and careful and considered your advice.
    I woke up and checked my 2 News sources. ForexFactory Calendar and my favourite one "Milos Market Movers"
    The pairs I follow are EURO/USD and GBP/USD
    As Milos said that he expects bearish movements on both pairs I decided that I will take the advice and don't try to be a smartass and countertrend, as I'm a newbie.
    In the morning/noon I noticed that the EUR/USD pair started a downtrend. It was lower highs and lower lows, and I drew a couple of trendlines and kept my eyes on it.
    Unfortunately as I tried to place on my mt4 the arrow and the cross, my entry and exit I moved my initial trendline and now I can't reconstruct it. (Next time I will post my trade I will modify it in paint as I want my MT4 pure and unaltered in order for me to explain all my logic behind my actions)
    Click image for larger version.

Name:	Screenshot_2.jpg
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ID:	6274

    Click image for larger version.

Name:	Screenshot_3.jpg
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    Today I took a trade, a call option on this new bullish trend that emerged recently on the EUR/USD pair that doesn't seem to show any sings of regression (well at least to me, the newbie, for now )

    I woke up and checked my News sources and didn't find anything special going on and I assumed that the markets should sale smooth without unexpected movements.

    I figured the trend and drew the lines, as in this picture:
    Click image for larger version.

Name:	thetrend.jpg
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    I wanted to wait and place a one hour expiry trade but as I was browsing my "Does longer expiry mean safer trade" thread and saw when Milos said "15 min expiry by looking at 1 min and 5 min candles" I said to myself that I should try to do that, so in the next picture we have my trade:Click image for larger version.

Name:	thetarde.jpg
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ID:	6303

    NOTE: THAT RED TRENDLINE WAS DRWAN AFTER I TOOK THE TRADE, I think that I should've drawn it before I took the trade.

    And, the actual trade: (It was a smooth sailing trade)
    Click image for larger version.

Name:	tarde.jpg
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    Hello guys,

    This time I took a trade on the GBP/USD pair. It was a PUT option on a 15 minute timeframe.

    I thought that there was a new downtrend emerging and I drew my trendlines:
    Click image for larger version.

Name:	Screenshot_3.jpg
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    I switched to the 1 minute timeframe and kept my eyes onto the candles and waited for them to brake my trendline, and also kept my eyes on the stochastic to see in which direction is it moving. The stochastic was pretty high (but still not very high) and I speculated that it would go down. (I think that because in previous recent history I haven't seen any strong overbought stochastic I assumed that it won't happen)
    Click image for larger version.

Name:	Screenshot_1.jpg
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    But I was wrong. The stochastic was breaking inside the overbought area and it stood there quite a while. Fortunately after like 8 good minutes it finally dropped beautifully and never came back. (THE FOLLOWING PICTURE REPRESENTS THE ACTUAL TRADE IN 1 MINUTE CANDLESTICKS)
    Click image for larger version.

Name:	Screenshot_2.jpg
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    Looks like you did a good trade using the trendline and a good entry.

    By the way, please install and use Lightshot for the screenshots. It's much easier and less time consuming than
    using paint! You will love it. When you save the screenshots, you simply press "Prt Scr" and get to select exactly
    where on the screen to target and you can even draw lines/arrows and use different colors so no need for further editing and
    catching areas you DON'T want. Save the files as JPEG and upload here
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