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    Brokers from Australia and New Zealand? Anyone used CMC markets !!!

    Looking at trading again and I have been out of the market for a while. Could any of you recommend a broker from New Zealand or Australia? I hear of HighLow, Directfx(but no 4hr or daily charts with them), and Market Punter NZ who I have never tried.

    There is a new company in New Zealand that has started offering binary options on top of Forex, CFD's etc. called CMC Markets. Anyone here used them or know about them?

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Never heard about them.

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    Administrator Martin Kay's Avatar
    have heard about them, long timer FX broker. Mixed opinions (regarding the FX), pretty low score on FPA for such a veteran broker.

    Don't know much about their Binary trading.
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    I have heard about CMC markets but they are in the forex market but not sure sure about their BO

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    Hi folks,
    May i know anyone having experience with GDMFX regulated in New Zealand?
    They having Binary Option that trade off MT4 pugin,
    the account manager called me every day. I need to know more about their reviews. Thanks everyone

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    I've heard of them but never traded with them so I dont have much info in that regard. Legit broker as far as FX is concerned and the fact that you can trade BO directly from MT4 is a big advantage in my opinion. Dont know how their BO team treats clients.
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    Gooney are you from NZ? I looked into them when I started but I seem to remember something along the lines of they do BO for everyone except for NZ'ders as something to do with our consumer guarantees act or something. It was 2 years ago when I inquired and cant quite remember.

    I now use a skrill account with Euro as my main offshore account and transfer money in and out of the two brokers I use. Stockpair and Aryex. Moving money back onto credit card pretty easy with skrill.

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