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Thread: Hello Everyone

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    Hello Everyone !!!

    Hello guys!

    I'm pavan, First i want to Thank BOTS. Its almost a year since i traded binary options. After this huge gap in trading i want to trade in martingale style. I know its risky, my initial investment is 100.00$. first trade will be 10.00$ i'm gonna take my time on every single trade.

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    Hello and welcome to Communitraders!

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    Hi. I'm a new here too. Will see what I can get new here.

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    Hey newcomers, welcome aboard! Why do you want to trade Martingale @oceans?
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    That's a risky money management in relation to your deposit.
    Specially if this is your first account. I would say, 1-3$ trades would be a better choice!
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    Hi and welcome! What happened one year ago that it made you quit trading? Martingale is not just risky... in my opinion it is very close to gambling. To be honest, I think that the best traders avoid huge risks and that helps them stay profitable much more than a specific system/strategy.

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    Welcome, Oceans to BOTS

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    Welcome, I don't wanna be harsh on u since many of the pro members are always polite, but u not gonna last 2 hours in business with that strategy...

    gl and ht
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