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    Nadex drawing tools function !!!

    Good morning,
    When using nadex on your desktop or iPad do you experience problems with their charting software when using the drawing tools function? Example choppy slow movement of cursor, point to point slow activating, 10-15 seconds wait for any drawing tool to activate so you can use it. I'm using chrome, Mbps 33, loading speed 5.6. If your not experiencing these problems what are you doing differently than me?
    Thank you,

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    I use the NADEX charts and the only thing I have a problem with is their loading time, it takes a little bit, which is why I usually stay away from the 5 minute charts. I don't really use the drawing tools because the charts reload, or at least mine do, each time I open one up... and I use other charts to do analysis, I just use the NADEX charts to see the strikes in relation to the asset price action so I know which ones I want to buy and sell.

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    My loading time isn't a problem anymore, it must have been that one day. Anyway, the tools are good. The indicators I choose are saved so when I open up a new chart for each trade there they are, I'm ready to go.

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