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    Need Help Fine Tuning Stratagy [Long Read] !!!

    Hello And Good Trading To Everyone

    I Must Forewarn Everyone That This Will Be A Fairly Long Post, I also apologize for any confusion in my writing, i have to right this as quick as possible, and will clarify more as needed later

    Over The past 2 Months or So i have invested my first real capital of $200 after trading my demo account successfully for about 5 months and learning about and researching the various aspects of binary options and the stock market and its fundamentals for roughly 2 years.

    Its been a roller coaster ride so far to say the least.

    The main issue i have been having so far is the inability to make any sort of actual progression in my real money trading.

    For example, in this past two month period of real-money trading, i believe the highest i have ever grown my account is about $400 and the lowest would have to be around $20, but i have never fully drained my account and had too redeposit any money.

    I trade with and each trade i risk only 6% of $200 per trade which is about $12 risked per trade for usually a $10 profit as set out by the broker (this is variable to more or less depending on the brokers interpretation of risk on a particular trade)

    I have tried multiple time frames the highest being 8 hours and the lowest being 30 minutes, i seem to do better with shorter term time frames.

    The continuous problems i seem to run into are losing trades that seem to contradict signals provide on my chart, as well as the price spiking out of the money within the last few minutes of trade that has been going quite smoothly, which is quite frustrating.

    I am attaching a couple pictures of what my charts look like that i read from, and the indicators that i rely on.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Example Of my chart 1.jpg 
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Name:	Example of my chart 2.jpg 
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    Now i have read quite a bit of content on this site and other sources regarding every indicator used, being the bollinger bands, MACD Histogram, Stochastics, Duel Moving Averages, S & R as well as candlestick theory and multi-time frame analysis, and general composure while trading

    But even with all these pieces put together, i can not seem to find the key to completing the puzzle, when i first started trading my demo account, i used naked candle stick trading and it honestly felt like i did better then, but i know the indicators are key to weeding out bad signals.

    another issue i seem to have is my options, no matter the time frame falling, out of the money as shown here in the last few minutes of the trade as shown here

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Close loss 2.jpg 
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Name:	close loss 3.jpg 
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Name:	CLose loss 4.jpg 
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    Is there anyway to curve this? I honestly find this the most infuriating part of trading and it seems to follow me around like the plague regardless of what time frame i trade in.

    What i am looking for is just some help from more experienced traders on what i can do to improve my strategy as well as help in weeding out the volatility as much as possible in shorter time frames.

    It feels like i am spinning my tires with no consistent loss or gain, one thing i read from a candlestick/binary option book is that regardless of what the chart looks like, when applying it to binary options there is always a trade to be made in one direction or the other, you just need to find the proper signal and wait for your opening.

    On one last point, i know my capital is small as far as trading goes, but i just turned 21 and do not really have that much spare income to dump into this, but i am very serious about getting this to work in my favor, it has been pretty much every waking moment of the last 2 years trying to learn how to trade binary options, and for every moment i spend not trading or when the market is closed i think of ways that my strategy can be improved or what can be done differently off loses to learn from mistakes, i want to become successful at this while i am young.

    All answers are appreciated
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    Wrote a large answer to you yesterday, but an error made it impossible to post it.

    Basically, it comes to this: simplicity is key to successful trading.

    Trying to grasp everything together is asking for trouble. You lose your oversight and start wavering around.

    Indicators can help, but also can work against you when used wrong.

    My advice is to demo trade on one pair and one time frame until you can dream the charts. It's like learning to read. Feel the rhytme of the price and then add trend lines and f.i. Fibonacci as a support. You can use bigger time frames for finding trends, but trade on one and look for an expiry time that fits your style of trading.

    You don't need more to trade. All the other indicators are useful, but not needed. You can add them when feeling you have control over your trading.

    Using KISS (Keep it super simple) is key!

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