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    Jessea...Hello, New here today Friday 14,2016 !!!

    Hello everyone. I'm new here today. I've been looking for places to post but this looks like a forum that could be very beneficial to my trading efforts as well. I've traded with Banc De Binary, not a good experience at all, CTOption, can't get any money out, and Capital Bank Markets, also can't get any money out. So now I'm using Nadex. Should have started with them. US Regulated and no funny business. I've been trading for about three years with some success but not consistent enough to be full time. Although the brokers I was using probably had something to do with that. I understand most of them have learned how to manipulate prices like Banc De Binary, so it gets harder and harder to win more than 50% of the time. Hopefully Nadex will be better.

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    Hello Jessea!

    You've chosen good broker. Nadex is one of top rated and recommended broker for the US traders.

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    Hi and welcome! Banc de Binary is one of the biggest scammers of all scammy brokers. Nadex is great, I'm sure you'll make a lot of progress with them. You can open a journal here on BOTS so you can track your progress and receive some feedback.

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    I agree with Dan21 above. In fact, the only reason Banc de Binary still gets to operate is because
    they settled on their lawsuit and paid about 11 million USD + many other fines during their time they have been running.
    Nadex is a good choice if you are based in the US because no trusted and regulated Binary options broker will offer services in the US.
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    Thanks for the welcome Okane. I am still waiting for my share from Banc de Binary. I'm supposed to get back 29K from their settlement. I guess it's a waiting game now.

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    Thanks for the welcome Dan21. I think Nadex is the way to go. It's different but safer. The best part to me is you can close a trade early.

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    Thanks milos, I feel pretty good about Nadex. I have to get used to their system, but I think I can with a little practice.

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    You should download MT4 - it's very useful for chart analyzing.

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    Can this MT4 be useful for binary options trading?

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