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    Newbie milestone : first week without dumbass trade !!!

    So I mentioned in some other threads that handling the emotional side is harder than expected. In the first 4 weeks I would end up making a dumbass trade to make of for losses and luckily they never backfired. Last week was the first week I managed to keep my cool when trading did not go my way and was able to walk away (still to late) and start the next day fresh.

    Still made some silly mistakes though. Last week monday evening the Ultimate Trend Signal indicator was my best friend and made me about 80euro in good signals. Tuesday evening I was very tired but excited to start trading with my new favorite indicator. But you might have guessed, not so lucky this time around and rapidly lost 100 euro that evening. Because I was so tired I failed to stop sooner BUT I did not go out and try to make up for my silly trades and just went to bed. Still a bit frustrated offcourse. However I did manage to make some good trades during the rest of the week and still increased my account with 90euro. All in all a good week, learned a lot, found a lot of areas of improvement and made some profit.

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    Hello and welcome!

    Take care about Ultimate Trend Signal! Cautious follow signals and trade!

    Its profitable trading system when is used properly.

    Happy trading!


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    Yep, found out the hard way. Used it as primary indicator but now use it to confirm the strengt of signal generated by my strategy

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    thanks for sharing, it's an important lesson to beginners there.
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    Hey thanks for sharing!

    You know what, I think you could use a trading journal.
    It's perfect for sharing these types of experiences!

    Ah I see you already got one so keep updating it!
    Your trading diary - I hope it's not forgotten?

    Make sure to include timeframe, entry and expiry using arrows in your pictures and tell us
    why you took a trade and what mistakes you thought you did or what you did that you think was good in case you won etc.
    Then we can help you evolve just like other traders you see in those diaries.
    A good example of how to keep a diary is Boss B's trading journal

    Looking forward to reading more info in your diary!
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    Nope, surely not forgotten. Keep all information in excel and on a dutch website. Still have to post some of the images with corresponding info here but did not come around to it yet.
    Posting them here would be good since your feedback can only inprove me as a trader.

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    Hi ehenderichs, welcome to BOTs and thank you for sharing. Learn from your mistakes and improve from your mistakes. Never be afraid to admit your mistakes

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    Just remembered my first week.. that was terrible, minus 1500 bucks

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