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    Trading monday and friday !!!

    So I finally started using a strategy for my BO trading and notice the signals are not that strong on monday and friday. I did read sometime ago that monday and friday are considered to be slow trading days. Is this something you recognize and do you have a separate strategy? Or do you avoid trading these days completely? Thanks in advance.

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    I don't like trading on Mondays (especially in the morning hours) since there can be impact because things happening in the weekend (like disasters, accidents, meetings etc.) and often the lack of economic news items.

    Friday I trade in the morning hours, but less in the afternoon, since many (even big institutional) traders are closing positions for the weekend, giving unpredictable price behavior.

    It's also depending on your strategy and the time frames you use.

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    I avoid to trade on Monday and on Friday. I think they are the worst days for daily trading tips. Monday is good for weekly trading tips but after the noon by GMT. Friday is bad day for trading after noon GMT. Traders closed profitable positions. I'm talking about forex traders not binary options traders. It can't be predicted further price movement and market sentiment.

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