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    Stockpair users from AU or EU? !!!

    I was looking at Stockpair as it was promoted on BOTS.

    However I read in the Terms and Conditions the following:
    "Our services are not currently available to residents and/or citizens of the following countries: Afghanistan, Algeria, Australia, Iran, Israel Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan, Syria and USA and member states of the EU."

    Being based in AU at the moment I crossed Stockpair of my list as according to the T&C Stockpair does not take AU clients... and apparently not EU ether. Looked at that as I could use a NL account via family.

    However I got a cold call from them (did they get my phone number via the registration on BOTS?).
    Their representative tried to convince me that they do take AU customers???? and EU??

    So my question is ... are there AU or NL users of Stockpair here?
    I want to prevent that I fund an account and then they refuse to allow payouts as I would be in breach of the T&C.

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    Hello Edart!

    Welcome to Communitraders!

    I've been trading stockpair since 2014. I'm satisfied with this broker. You have to know also about inactive trader commission.It means if you don't trade a few months the broker so called maintain account must be paid commission.

    Stockpar isn't accepted for the US traders.That I was reading.I live in Europe.My country doesn't belong to European Union.I opened account with no problem. I really don't know about Australia's traders.

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    Stockpair has 2 websites - .net and .com. They carry different registrations, meaning one site is intended for EU clients with CySEC regulation, and the other (I think the .com) is intended for global clients. Nevertheless, im not sure Stockpair take AUS clients anymore. They do take NL clients for sure. Being based in AUS at the moment I guess you get the .com website, meaning the non-EU website. Maybe you should use VPN service.
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    hi Edart,
    i have an account with stockpair, i opened the account back in 2015 there was a number for australian clients to call them if you needed to. but it has been removed for some time now. they did say that they will be fixing this soon but still hasn't been add as yet
    i still trade with them and i have no problems with them.
    i hope this info helps
    thanks george

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