I know some people look for experienced traders to trade their money, because they are too lazy to learn how to do it themselves, but to be honest, if I'm about to lose money, I'd definitely prefer to be the one responsible for it and the one to blame. It takes a lot of nerve to be a good trader, but it takes the hugest balls to trust someone with your money, depend on their condition and understandings of risk and so on. I guess it should be simple: You sit somewhere and wait for the great winnings, but in reality it is not that simple. Any person who offers such service should be way above the average traders, which requires a lot of experience, at least 2 accounts with satisfying win rates and not a single gambling-like ideas such as martingale. Also it should most certainly be a person whose entire time is subjected to trading - not a guy with an ordinary job who watches the charts for 3 hours after dinner.