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    Audio alerts !!!

    Just wondering if anyone can suggest a tool/website/etc
    that will allow me to set alerts on stock prices etc ?
    Actually what I want specifically at the moment is to be able to monitor
    as many charts as possible, and to be alerted if the price should
    break the bollinger bands, but obviously it would be nice to use
    it for other criteria too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulandrewrobinson1 View Post
    There are some major reason why people do not profit from binary trading
    , you need to take some time to analyze this factors before reinvesting.
    Umm..ok..thanks for the heads up...
    Still wondering about my original question though.

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    I haven't used this but it may be what you are looking for

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    Thanks, I'll check that out.
    I also had some luck with mt4, I'd been avoiding taking the plunge with that as it looked so complex (and I'm on Linux so just getting it to run was a challenge) but actually its not as bad as it looks.

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    There are other services as well, but couldn't remember at the moment. I will check them later.
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    It needs to further research.

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