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    stockpair experience !!!

    Hi, I have been trading for about 6 years now. Was always a great fan of Stockpair. Lately they have so called "senior account managers" who phone you without stop. They try to convince you to invest in trades that, if you have a little knowledge, you know will be a losing trade. The "manager" told me you are on the wrong track if you base your trades on info from MT4 charts. "That is for forex. not binary options" I really think it is disappointing as so many traders through the years have trusted them. Going to close my account with them.
    Johann Vorster

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    Hi Johann,

    I will move your post to the proper thread of StockPair. We all know they are in history now and once again a proven example how initially good company can go the wrong path following greed not integrity and transparency. The best thing I can say is NEVER EVER take advises about your own trading from broker representatives. Almost 99% they don't work in your best interest and even if they do, there is a clear conflict of interests. They win when you lose and the opposite they lose when you win. Best brokers don't interact with their clients, unless the clients ask them to resolve any technical or other issue. Unfortunately very few brokers do their business this way.
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