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Thread: Trade critique

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    Trade critique !!!

    Been trading for all of 4 days now on a practice account, and learning as I go.
    Managed to hit >80% strike rate one day, then crashed and burned the next, but
    I think I'm learning more from the mistakes than from the successes. Though I've had
    a few trades where I think I spot a nice steady down trend, and seconds after I place
    the trade, the chart takes off like a rocket, and I'm left thinking there must
    have been some sign that I missed.
    With that said, is anyone interested in posting/critiquing trades, to point
    out possible mistakes ?

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    Hey. Glad you opened a trading diary.

    Use lightshot and post pictures (save in JPEG). Check out some other diaries before
    you start posting so you learn how to best do it.
    Give us at least 3 reasons for why you entered a trade and place arrows on your charts
    to show where you entered and where it expired. Again, please see other diaries first like:






    to name a few but there are more to learn from.
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    post away! add pictures! we'll definitely check them out

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    Excellent topic.I agree with you. I was made by mistake a month ago.There was cut the rate by the RBA.I was setting put option on AUD/USD.I was expected declining in price but the price went out in opposite direction.

    I supposed I didn't own all needed information.Market was reacted as oversold AUD/USD.Traders expected falling in price. I was too late to enter in position. Trade recorded out of the money. It happens. I will post my trading mistakes here in the future and share it.

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