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    Support And Resistance For Binary Options - The Master Article !!!

    This is the master article on using support and resistance to trade binary options. In it I try to delve deeper than merely reviewing a tool and discuss what makes S/R what it is, and how these levels affect your trading decisions. I also link to lots of other articles on the subject of S/R, which is vast. Of all the many ways to analyze the market drawing s/r lines, and picking the ones that are really going to affect price action, is by far the hardest. Really, which one is the strongest? The one with more history, the one with less? The one at a certain peak/trough? At the high/low or close of the day? The one at a congestion band, if so, at the top or bottom? I could go on. All you have to do to unlock the mysteries is read this article.

    Support And Resistance For Binary Options.

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    Very insightful article!

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