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    Binary Options and Numerology !!!

    Hi everyone,
    Although I am not advertising my business or website here but wanted to share my experience trading Binary Options using Numerology. My aim is to deliver my strategy to as many people as I can and have it discussed on this forum. I cannot post this strategy here as it involves a numerology calculator. I will be happy to answer any questions you have.
    Read it here.

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    Please, tell us a little about what numerology is, and then how you apply it to trading. We'd love to know and perhaps we can even get a strategy thread started for people who are interested.

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    That would be a great idea. A separate numerology thread. I love it. I have many ideas that we can apply numerology in different FX strategies. Like Cypher patterns and simple price action which is also described on my post.
    I have explained a bit about how numerology is implemented in trades in Strategies section on this forum.


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    When it comes to number, I pay attention to patterns such as
    timing (clock) and price patterns such as which pips usually price reacts to rather than names.
    I think that's a more "scientific" approach but hey, if it works for you then all good.
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    I will share my Cypher pattern strategy here soon. This strategy will work for all - no Name number restrictions. But little numerology tweaks in the indicator and a trend direction does the trick. Expiry time also according to Numerology. will post it soon.

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