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    Please avoid stockpair at all cost! Do not ever trust jonathan miller from stockpair! !!!

    I deposited 480USD into my Stockpair account when I signed up. I submitted my documents for account verification but was always 'rejected' or 'in review' until the 3rd business day when their 'senior broker' JONATHAN MILLER called me to tell me how he can 'bring my account to greater heights'. After our conversation, I got him to verify my account. Since my documents met everything that Stockpair needed, why did they purposely delay my account verification only until their brokers have spoke to me? Because this was certainly not listed on their website. Anyways, the second time this JONATHAN MILLER called me, he wanted me to deposit $1,000 more into my account as he knows he can make me more money by that night. I said no since I'm just a student and I do not have enough funds yet. After the call and a few trades, I felt that binary options wasn't right for me. So I requested for withdrawal. This guy emailed me and said that he needed to verify my request over the phone. Again, this wasn't listed on the website and my account was already VERIFIED, which meant that I can withdraw anytime I wanted. So, I let him call me and then he made me 1) Cancel my withdrawal request 2) Put $250 into a trade, something that I wasn't comfortable with at all but he insisted and guaranteed that it will be good for both of us. PLEASE ASK ME FOR PROOF 01 AS I CAN'T HAVE IT DISPLAYED HERE DUE TO LOW THREAD POST COUNT.

    I followed his advice and lost 250USD, literally half of what I originally had. Then, I made him refund me the 250USD he promised. Again, he made me follow his second advice and I lost another 250USD. TWO LOSING TRADES IN A ROW. After the second losing trade, I tried to withdraw the only amount of money I had left. Guess what? I can't. Because the 250USD was apparently a 'bonus' and I have not met the requirement to be able to withdraw a single cent. I still have 195USD in that account. That JONATHAN MILLER, aka SENIOR SCAMMER, never mentioned to me that I can't withdraw my balance. I emailed him and guess what? He didn't reply. He made me lose 500USD in 2 trades AND lost 195USD that I could not withdraw! By now, I was crying because I lost my entire savings in one night. I was doing fine trading on my own and even had winning trades. He's a 'senior broker' who gave me 2 huge losing trades. Might as well make me the CEO of Stockpair right?! Proof 02 to show my trades against his PLEASE ASK ME FOR PROOF 02 AS I CAN'T HAVE IT DISPLAYED HERE DUE TO LOW THREAD POST COUNT.

    So please everyone. If you haven't joined Stockpair, then avoid Stockpair. If you're in Stockpair, don't trust ANY of their brokers, especially JONATHAN MILLER. You're better off trading forex with mini or micro lots than losing money in binary options.

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    First of all: NEVER trust any account manager with your money in trades! Always trade only setups you want yourself.

    Account managers are sales men, they win even when you lose, so their goal is letting you trade asap and amap.

    I can't say anything about Stockpair itself by your post, since it seems you've only been speaking to that Jonathan Miller name.

    My advice: contact Stockpair directly and explain what happened. I guess account managers have a lot of freedom and maybe not always follow company rules. Therefore it's always best to first contact the broker itself and complain.

    As far as I know, Stockpair has a rule that you can always withdraw your money, even when accepting a bonus but not having fulfilled the bonus terms (in that case you'll lose your bonus), so it's a strange story. It's why you should always read the T&C very accurate.

    It's possible that there will be a withdrawal fee when not made any trade. Several brokers have such a rule. It's all in the T&C.

    Wishing you good luck in this situation.

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    In his case there is no money to withdraw, only the bonus which requires the turnover of course. But if he had any money left then yeah, he could have
    withdrawn that sum even with the bonus but again, he has nothing left if I understood his story correctly.

    Anyway, yeah this is usually the story when you let account managers "rob" your account.
    When they talk to you on the phone and find out you are not strong enough to say NO they smell blood
    and go for the kill.
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    I have no problem to withdraw the money from stockpair.I deposited $250 when I was opened account.Of course it exists bonus. It needs to trading volume in $10000 per month and you'll get bonus. I didn't chase a bonus. Just placed $20 per trade.

    When I was opened a real trading account I was called by account manager. I didn't mention his name in relate to good business relationships. He offers only help about trading. I said to him who am I. No pressure invest $100 per trade. That's my story.

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    I'm sorry for that horrible experience, you'll get over it mate, it's just cash and an experience richer. Enough decent brokers out there, don't let this one get you down.

    Just some tips: Never accept any bonus, what you deposit is what you put on and you don't want anything extra. It looks like something went wrong there.

    When they call you say: That you aren't interested in any service, if you need anything you will ask for it. These dudes are smooth so cut them of as fast as possible.

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    Yeah, did you take a bonus at first?
    And stockpair is regulated, you should be able to get some satisfaction through them, the thing is, if this Jonathon Miller guy is working for a marketing firm he likely does not work directly with Stockpair which is a loop hole EU regulators have been looking to close. Those guys (shady pushy less than trusty marketers)are leading lots of people into making big deposits without knowing what they are really doing.

    What kind of action have you taken yet? You should let Stockpair know that you've posted a complaint here. That is often enough to get a broker's attention and have them help you out, in whatever way they can.

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