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    Supernova vs The Best MACD Strategy For Binary Options Trading !!!

    Hello everyone,

    I want to hear your opinion about these 2 tactics I got my eyes on, which you prefer, which you tried and was successful, which you discard.

    1st one I got some success with it but it is quite..., focus is needed and a big balance too let me say it like that.

    #Strategy 1

    Chart type: Candle Sticks

    Indicators: BB (6,2)
    EMA: 100

    Candle sticks: 60 sec.

    Strategy: Wait for the candle stick to break the BB, check the EMA, if it goes down, PUT, if EMA is going up CALL

    Personal experience: It's OK but forget it with a balance less then €200. I suggest a balance €1000 and then perform €10 buy-ins

    #Strategy 2

    Chart type: Candle Sticks

    Indicators: SMA: (100)
    SMA: (50)

    MACD (12,26,9)

    Stochastic Oscillator (9,3,3)

    Strategy: (copied from the webpage)

    Entry Rules For Calls
    50 bar moving average above 100 bar
    MACD Oscillator Is Oversold
    MACD Histogram Shows Bullish Crossover
    Entry Rules For Puts
    50 bar moving average below the 100 bar moving average
    MACD Oscillator Is Overbought
    MACD Histogram Shows Bearish Crossovers

    Personal experience: 0

    I'm checking graph after graph and they all look on the money, what you think?

    Best regards, Bjorn.

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    Please give me all of your thoughts, other suggestions to check out, discard something, bring it.

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