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    New Trader from Belgium !!!

    Hello everybody,

    A short introduction, I'm Bjorn a 31 year old man from Belgium.

    It's less than 2 months I dove in to trading, I try to catch up with everything as fast as I can, I just love how everything works and sorry I never got in to it faster, I love to analyze charts and implement tactics on it to see what works and what not, and yea somehow I got in to binary trading since I like the fast paced trading.

    If my balance is big enough I'll move in to long term trading but for now I need to do it with day trades.

    My 1st experience was IQ Option which in my opinion gave a nice platform to learn on, with a demo account and all kinds of tools to use.

    I'm slowly moving to real money trading since I found one of the tactics I really like and they work out fine for me on a demo account.

    I found out about this website through a tactic video from Mr 'O' and was always looking for a newbie friendly trading community to join.

    I'm exploring the website and from what I see I like it very much and I think I've found that community.

    From tomorrow we got this ridiculous law in Belgium that we can't use Binary Platform anymore because to many people went to make complains that they got scammed, I've been busy all day and luckily most of the brokers I got my eye on are still accepting Belgium citizens, IQ Options on the other hand not.

    For the rest I'm starting to find my way around on FxPro combining the tactic used on /watch?v=Jzptcgg3Qf0 Which I think is absolutely amazing. (Posted by Mr O from this Website)

    That's about it with what I can come up at the moment.

    Thanks for the amazing job you guys did with the YouTube video's and this webpage.

    Perfect for a beginner like me.

    Best regards, Bjorn.

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    Thank you for the good words Bjorn! We are trying to be the most newbie friendly community for binary options traders out there. It is sad that in your country the things are going for total ban of binary options. I don't believe it is fair for traders who know what they are doing to be stoped from trading.
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Welcome Bjorn!
    In Sweden we say Björn, which also means Bear.

    Glad you liked our YouTube channel
    I am doing a live webinar there today (18th Thursday) actually at 17:45 GMT+2 (probably same time as you!)
    So if you see this, check our YouTube channel under (upcoming streams) you will find the link there
    - hope to see you today!
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    Welcome Bjorn!

    Scammers and shady brokers are really hurting the BO market. It's a shame.

    For now, in the Netherlands it's seen as an investment, but I'm always afraid it will change to gambling with all these shady brokers in the market and now even in television advertising (like Bux - pure gambling to me).

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    Thanks for the welcome guys!

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    Yeah man, welcome. Let us know how your quest for a broker turns out, this regulation thing is starting to get dicey. Hopefully we'll get a good pan-EU reg soonish, there are some calls for it among member nations already.

    We're here to help, let us know when you have any questions.

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    Hello Bjorn!

    Welcome to the forum. You can find here all needed information.


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