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    Standard Deviation Channels - Not So Standard !!!

    Channels are a well known form of technical analysis which give a wide ranging variety of signals. The standard deviation channel is one of the lesser known tools in this class but it's no wonder with Bollinger Bands on the scene. Standard deviation channels are in fact the precursor to BBands and just as useful, BBands just gets more press time. The tool works by using a standard deviation, which you can adjust (ie 1SD, 2SD), to generate a price channel. the channel widens and narrows along with asset volatility, one signal, and can provide entry/exit/continuation/reversal signals when prices reach either the upper or lower band, or the mid line. In my opinion they are just as good as BBands.

    The Standard Deviation Channel, Full Review

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    Okane did the great job. It could record one short video in this topic.

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