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    newbie novice here. !!!

    hi everyone, so happy to join your community. My interest in binary dates back to over five years. Been so naive in the past got burnt by unregulated brokers and their salesman tactics. Now i am just glad i saw this site and attended the school section which is by the way so informative. Hats to you all.
    After so many failures with the binary on line venture my wife and kids has lost the confidence in me to be successful and that sucks. I really want to succeed here and be financially dependent and comfortable. All i want is to regain the trust of my wife with regards to being a professional trader in the future. Hope i can count on you all to guide me on this road of binary.

    with god's blessing I will succeed.

    Again thank you for the enriching binary experiences here.

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    Welcome Paul. You are are the right place. Here you can learn from other traders and also from our school section. If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here and we will help you

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    Welcome aboard Paul. As Willy here said, you've came to the right place. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!
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    Hello Paul!

    I wish you welcome in the forum. How I can help you?

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    Ah, another lost soul in the sea of trading that finally found his home Welcome Paul.

    Since you've been in the school, then it's the diary that you should start, including joining the Skype group, and watching our CommuniTrader for tutorial if you need to.

    Enjoy your new found "discovery channel" And good luck to you.

    Note: The issue related to your family, you know better that the result would speak for you, not your words. So, the first thing to build is your own self confidence. This advice is applied to me as well. So thank you for joining us here and you're welcomed so much to be part of this big family.
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    Welcome aboard, hope we can help. My best advice with the wife is to not waste money on trading, only use small amounts and whatever you have extra after bills, savings, needs and etc. I also suggest using the demo platform we have to get started with making trades, that way you don't lose real money and the respect of your wife.

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