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Thread: Mark's diary

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    Mark's diary !!!

    I am new to trading and will be keeping a diary of my trades for you to look at and to please help

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    This is a trade i done today i missed M. Carney's interest rate cut but knew it was coming and would be easy to win so i decided to wait and watch and make my move later.
    I put in a support line watched the candles and made a trade 30 min lower, you can see on the graph where i made the trade.

    Feel free to be as critical as you like because i have a desire to learn
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Well butter my biscuit, this is a nice first trade. Congrats on the win, nice use of trend lines and support, and a double woohoo for using the Communitraders demo platform this way. That's one thing a lot of diaries aren't doing, using screen shots of CT. Thanks for sharing, please keep up the good work.

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    Welcome Mark!

    I can help you get better pics.

    1. Use Lightshot, a free program and you can select exactly the area you wish to printscreen and also use arrows and write text while doing so.

    2. Save the pics as JPEG always! Once you take your first screenshot with lightshot, select JPEG format once and it should
    remember for next time. Then you will get bigger and better pics.

    3. Make sure they include the price, date, Timeframe, entry and expiry and if you use any indicators either mention them
    or include them in pic.

    Examples of these can be seen in other trading diaries so check them out if you are not sure how
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