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    Hello from isle of man !!!

    Hi I am new to all this .i have read lots of posts about this so got a demo a/c going to see what happens I can only trade usd/eur is this right or am I missing something plus I can't get any charts up I am using an iPad for this is this ok or do I need laptop ? Plus do i need to be on site all the time to see trading as i dont get the internet 100% Any help would be great thanks in advance

    Cheers Tom

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    are you using CommuniTraders demo account? If YES, then better using laptop or desktop, however it should be working with an Ipad as well.
    as for your second question... yes, you've got to be online to trade...
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    Welcome to Communitarders!

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    welcome aboard!let us know any questions, any more questions, we're here to help!

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    Welcome to CommuniTraders!

    Trading binary options is set and forget business! If you place a trade and than your wifi connection disappear there is absolutely no problem with this and your trade will end at expiration. Of course if you want to analyse market, wait for setups and watching the news you need to be online
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    Hey welcome!
    So what are you learning at the moment?
    When you say charts, what do you look for there? Let us know more
    so we can help you more.
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