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    Entry Price not showing up in Live Signals?? !!!

    Hi guys.
    I'm a newbie, so this may be a silly question.....but trades on the live signals page give no information about entry price. Where do I find this information, so I can decide on whether to copy a trade or not?

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    Hey UKLady! Welcome here Nice to see you in CommuniTraders!

    The entry price of each trade is easy to be seen, but you have to go to the profile of the trader made this trade. You can not see it directly on the Live Signals page. Instead click on the name of trader who made this trade and than in his profile you can see his trading statistic with all his opened trades with entry price and current price. Also you can see how much time it is left till expiry. Check these screenshots for more details > >

    I hope this will explain your questions. If you have more don't hesitate to ask
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    Hi Kolyo
    This is very helpful! I think I can figure it out now. Huge thanks :-)

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