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I came across this trading platform by accident and i thought it maybe of interest, particularly new traders that are having trouble finding target areas. If you look at the chart, you will see a green dotted line and on the right hand side you will see the word "target" Every day the platform plots a target area. Okane posted a Resistnce area for EUR/USD in the skype group yesterday (28th July) and the lines were within a few pips of each other so it appears to be pretty good, unless Okane is giving them tips lol. Just underneath the green line is a yellow dotted line which is where i have created an alert. When this area is hit, you get a pop up alert and also an email.

They seem to have taken whats good about MT4 but updated and improved on it, i have changed over from MT4 because it seems very impressive and easy to use. There are web versions and also a window version. I have included a youtube link to watch a tutorial on it, its about 50 minutes long and they give an overview of the platform