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    Volatility - Importance of Volatility !!!

    Volatility in Binary Options – Different Opportunities for Traders

    Volatility is very important. If there is no movement, there is no volatility.
    You know, like when you watch the charts during the weekends, nothing happens!
    Then it starts to move and slowly gains volatility. This is great because
    now we get to see the price to reach our target Support or Resistance line, trend lines
    and create the highs and lows that we want to trade on.

    So, here is a little help when it comes to taking advantage of this:
    In The article above, Bogdan explains the Volatility tool.
    The volatility tool will calculate the volatility based on your preferred settings.
    For example, the number of weeks but there are 5 more columns: “Pair”, “Trend”, “Pips”, “$” and “%”.
    Find out in the article how to get started!
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    That's a great tool to measure and know what the volatility is. Sometimes this is the most important factor when I decide to trade or to not trade a given instrument. If the volatility is below a given value I always stay away because that means there are no enough market participants to move the market together in a given direction.
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