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    xinvestment Binary options Account management !!!

    i have a new way to earn Money with Binary options, please have a look on my Profile in Facebook all proofs are there!
    first let me tell you what i do, i do Account management in binary options,I will trade for you!You will earn while doing something else!

    My win rate is 70-80 % at the moment, and my strategy is simple but very very effective,
    I open 10 trades a day in average sometimes more sometimes less, depends on the market.

    I am a 21 years old and a business student, my trading account has a balance of more than 225k at the moment!
    I have been trading for 1 year now, and i started with £1000 in June 2015 with the company called UFX(Scam company) i lost my Money in Forex or better UFX, then i found out about Banc de Binary(another scam) they told me invest £1500 which i did and in August 2015 , i started to listen to my Account manager, the Account went down to £800 in 1 week, so i lost £700 pounds in 1 week, He said "he will give me a Recovery plan" but i knew its all a lie!

    I looked into the Automated robot and lost £250 two times.

    In end of August 2015 i started to trade again on my own with strategies, which was the best thing i have ever done in my life! I am so successful now, i earn £2000-£7000 a day, and my broker hates me for that haha (always open more than 1 account)

    I can't tell you my strategy, because it is my piece of diamond, but lets say its 4 indicators i look for+ news+ history= 70-80% win rate.

    Another hint: You can all learn it via Youtube, i know some people say Adam stone is a scam artist, and he is probably one, i dont know, but the way he trades is very useful, to get an idea!

    If you want to learn more than please write me or want signals!

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    Croybach94, glad to have you with us. However, please follow the rules. To introduce your business use the Introducing Businesses Thread. Now that you've introduced yourself it's time to back up your claims with some trading on our platform. All you have to do is make some trades and show us what you can do. Good luck!


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    I saw some pictures on your Facebook.
    So if you claim you have so much money with the broker, how come you still have a basic account?
    With that kind of money you should be getting the VIP account and higher payouts.

    Also, stop with the secret system BS I don't think anyone here is stupid enough to fall for that.
    This smells scam from far away.
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    If you can share here your trading history.

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