Keltner Channels were first introduced to trade the grain markets but have proven their usefulness across a wide range of asset classes, basically all of them. Originally these use a moving average of high and low prices, along with a central standard moving average... most other types of channels are using a standard deviation of prices to offset the central line. This method creates a channels based on actual prices, which some view as much more reliable than other methods. Today Keltner Channels use an offset based on Average True Range, the average amount of movement an asset makes over a set period, typically 10 days. They can be used a lot like other types of channels, finding support and resistance, center line crossovers, channel break outs and many others. They can be used by newbies but I recommend spending some time learning about them before trading live money.

Keltner Channel - Tool Review

A good understanding of Moving Average Strategy is also recommended.