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    JMA Ribbon - An Approved Trend Following Tool !!!

    I think the JMA Ribbon is more of a custom indicator than a moving average indicator but since it works just like a moving average system I chose to put it here. It was originally introduced as part of Raitis JMA Ribbon system on but has since been isolated as an individual, and very useful, tool by our own Bogdan. Basically, it uses two lines, a short and a long, very similar to a moving average to create crossovers. The crossovers are then used to determine the trend. What is really special about this one is that bearish crossovers result in a change to red color, a bullish crossover results in a change to green color making it very easy to identify the trend. You must use other tools to pinpoint entries, perhaps a shorter term JMA or stochastic or just about anything else but so long as the entries match the trend you have a high likelihood of success.

    The JMA Ribbon Tool - Approved By Bogdan

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    Great tool but it's multi-timeframe so people should be careful when using it. Read the article Michael linked and remember it's for Advanced traders.
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