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    Hello!! !!!

    Hi everyone, great to be here!

    I have been BO trading for about a month now and have blown one account! However I see this as an investment as the amount I have learnt is amazing in that short time. I'm not looking to give up my job or anything but I like the idea of the intellectual challenge of trading BOs.

    I have recently found, not entirely sure how to use it properly but certainly want to use it going forward as it looks an amazing tool.

    I see this site can link your broker account for you to copy trades of other users, is that correct? Sorry for the stoopid question but I have found that everything I have learnt in life has come from asking a stoopid question!

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    Hey welcome!
    Looks like you have a decent goal, it's a good start.

    Yes, having a charting software or web-application chart is very important.
    If you are not using any charts then you are obviously gambling. Most people
    here prefer MetaTrader 4 but then there is NetDania, Freestockcharts and tradingview as you said.

    I always say that there are no stupid questions but maybe lazy questions lol.
    Basically anything you can Google and get an answer to under 1 second is probably
    a lazy question to ask others lol.

    In your case it's a good question! Currently, you can only link to Stockpair
    and the trades must still be manually selected and copied. You can however, follow
    the traders you like and learn from them and copy the trades you like.
    If you want to copy, you should copy long term expiry trades.

    Anyway, this is a good place to start so I will give you some starters:

    1. start reading at the binary options school we have here
    2. Go to the Members War Room and check out a few trading diaries, many newbies started with zero knowledge and are now trading
    on their own and doing well. You can learn a lot from them!
    3. Check out our YouTube Channel where we have many educational videos, for example how to draw trend lines, understanding candlesticks and even how to use
    our demo/trading platform here on CommuniTraders (the one you mentioned).
    I will do live broadcasts from time to time and explain how I trade or just talk about trading related subjects! That's it for now but
    this is all you need to become a trader!
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    Rookie Member Davey Blueeyes's Avatar
    Thanks Okane, I'm so pleased to have found this site. Plus I feel lucky to not have been sucked into a robot, I am fundamentally a businessman (in that I have my own business as my day job) and I could never see the business plan of something that basically is free and, if works, puts the broker in the poor house!

    I do however like the plan of copying some trades for the only reason I can see how someone with much greater experience trades. I am already using the economic calendar and charts to see how that works and I have a tentative feel for that.

    I already have a (cleaned out!) Stockpair account so can I place a trade there through this site? I am assuming this is why it's asking for my Stockpair log in! I did my research at the beginning and realised brokers were a potential weak point so I opened a Stockpair and 24Option account, both seem pretty reputable so far.

    Thanks again for a great reply, I am very pleased to be here!

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    Hello Davey!

    Welcome to Communitraders forum community!


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    Welcome aboard! Glad to have you with us,

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    Hi Davey, its's nice to have you with us

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    Welcome aboard Davey.

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    Welcome! It is great to see this community grow, both in membership and knowledge. Everyone here is very friendly and very willing to help. Have a look at the school section as well as some members diaries to get you started.

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    Hello, Davey! It is great that you see trading not just as a source of money, but as something fun and educational. This is the main idea of this Community as you'll soon find out. Good luck to you!

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