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    Matatrader 4 for Binary options trading !!!



    I was going to install matatrader 4 now can you guys let me know the best indicators i can use for binary options in order to help me win profitable trades. If possible anyone can suggest a buy and sell indicator for binary if someone has weather paid or free any experience binary option trader can suggestion a good indicator to use with metatrader4. also i was thinking to purchase esignal software too. so i am hoping to do well in binary options any suggestions will be appreciated

    i am also very open to work along with some experience binary option trader too

    many thanks

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    Hi there Yas,

    My advice to you would be to start learning price action/naked trading. There is no magic indicator that will tell you when to trade and when not to. My advice would be to view our very own Okane's price action video and view some articles here. Also, dont get mixed up by trying to remember all the japanese names for patterns. Just remember and recognise what they look like.

    Test out on demo, not live trades.

    Good luck and happy trading!

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    Read and learn something about trading. You want the best indicator that shows correctly you when to buy and sell? Great, me too.
    Here's where you begin:
    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein (attributed)

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