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    The Time VIII Indicator... Know Your Session, Adjust Your Strategy !!!

    It goes without saying that the market behaves differently at different times of the day. The reason, one of the reasons, is because there are different markets open at different times, each having a certain characteristic. To put it simply, there are 4 major time periods we need to be aware of; the Sydney session, the Tokyo session, the London session and the New York session. You could put 4 clocks on your wall in order to keep track of them all... or you could use this indicator. It's not really an analysis tool per se, but it will show the opening and closing of each of the different sessions and their overlap times, directly on your MT4 charts. This way you can know precisely, in relation to your trade, when a session may be opening, or about to close, so you can adjust you strategy and expiry appropriately.

    Bogdan gives a good review of the tool and how to install it on your charts in this article.

    The Time VIII Indicator.

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    Wow such an old indicator. I wonder if it will work on the new MT4 version.
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    I would hope so, can you check it out? I don't use MT4 or else I would...

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