A pivot point is the average price.
For example, when more tops and bottoms gather around the same price
or generally speaking: when a high number of candlesticks reach
the same price level, then that is the average price. Usually, the
average price is a strong support AND resistance level.
These levels can show up from time to time at different price levels and
we call them pivot points.

So technically speaking, any level that is reached many times
is considered to be of high significance, a strong support or resistance.
In other words, you could say that any strong S/R level is a strong pivot point!

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It might be difficult to draw these pivots by hand, fortunately there is help!
You can try out the pivot point calculator! It will draw multiple lines on your charts
automatically. The lines are labeled as S1, S2, S3, central pivot, R1, R2, R3.
I think this is a great tool to have while you learn to draw your own lines on the side!
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