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    The RSIMA Tool... Another Great Twist On A Classic Indicator !!!

    Bogdan never fails to impress me with his knowledge of analysis, tools, and MT4. This time he has done it again, providing a new twist on old tools, using MT4, that has created a very nice little oscillator using the RSI and a Moving Average. In this tool the MA is applied to the RSI, creating a smoothed version of the RSI values, that is then displayed along with the RIS and giving a nice little signal line to use for crossovers and other types of signals. If you like the RSI, I think you will love this RSIMA!

    Create Your Own RSIMA Tool

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    I'd like it RSIMA very much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by milos View Post
    I'd like it RSIMA very much.
    Yes, it is a good indicator. I used it since I was a newbie

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    Thats very spooky!! Just found that indicator yesterday and found it interesting. Eager for Monday to start for testing. Im assuming RSIOMA is the same thing.

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