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    Regardsi from Serbia !!!

    I hope that I finally found the right site with the content of all true things about the trading with binary options.

    I'm a beginner, a few months ago I trade at FOREX via one local broker in my country. For now, I have good results, but it all goes much slowly. I would like to improve my knowledge and to continue to trade with greater success. That's why I'm here now and I hope that I will get help from you. Also, I will be glad that I help someone if I can.

    I'll see you on the forum...

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    Hi ForexFly, welcome to communitraders! You will really find a lot of useful information here. Don't forget to look inside our trading school and our demo trading platform.
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Hello there! Good to have Forex traders around.
    There is always new things to learn, sharing experiences is the best
    way to evolve and that's why we have this community, so you came to the right place.
    Check out our school section and see our strategy's room. Most of the binary options strategies
    we have reviewed are coming from Forex traders!
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    Thank you all !
    I want to try to trade with binary options.
    I use the IQ demo account for 2 months and I nearly did to make a deposit. Fortunately, I read a lot of bad comments, and I gave up on them.

    I am now looking for another broker and I think I'll choose 24option, but one option i do not like about them: i will lost a lot of time in the opening trade, and sometimes 1 second is very important. Is there a way to open the trade immediately by just one click?

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    Hi ForexFly!
    24option is a good broker, but the minimum trade is to high for newbies - 25$, please check and marketwords, they both have demo account, minimum deposite is 5 - 10$ , mimimum trade is 1$. Even Stockpair is better with 12$ min. trade...

    PS: Dobrodosao na forum....

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    Not a problem for the demo account, 24option has it, and the problem is that I would not unreliable brokers or those who have a delay with the price.
    All brokers is fine at start, but when you earn large sums of money and you seek withdrawl, many of them make problems. (such StockPair)
    Stockpair : I do not like it after everything bad I've read about them.

    PS: hvala
    (odakle si? grad?)

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    Believe me, all brokers have a lot of negative comments,I know that with 24option you'll get annoying phone calls to persuade you to invest a lot more money into trading... I hate that kind of stuff ... and marketwords never called...

    PS (Novi Sad)

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    Haha, I have a good recipe for such. I tell them that I do not understand English well and they write to me on mail.
    I am very afraid of rejection request to withdraw money. It works much the brokers. No real problem until you lose money, but when you start to get large sums there is a problem.
    What is your broker and how long? Are you withdrawing large sums of money so far? What was your experience?

    PS: sorry for indiscretion, I still have no right to write private messages to any here

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    Hello Forexfly!

    Welcome to CommuniTraders!

    I'm from Serbia from Nis!

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    Thanks !

    Excellent site and members!
    Happy trading, guys !

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