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    Binary Options Tools - Oscillators !!!

    Oscillators, the name doesn't say much, it certainly isn't too inspiring a word, but the class of tools is the most diverse on the market today. By definition an oscillator is a tool that displays price information as a line that moves up and down within a range, usually around a mid-point or above and below zero (0), that can be derived from just about any readily available market data. The most common oscillators are RSI (relative strength index), stochastic and MACD but by no means are these the only ones available. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of different types.

    Not surprisingly, given the number of oscillators available, we here at have reviewed more than 2 dozen. This thread is dedicated to all tools that fit into this class and will include links to all the forum discussions we have on the subject. Each individual thread will include links to relevant articles as well as Q&A, advice and comments. As we add more they too will be added.

    If you have a question about oscillators in generals, how to use them, or know of one we have not included, feel free to add it. To do so please start a dedicated thread for the tool and then post a link to that thread here as a reference for others to use. If you're question or comment is about a specific oscillator please follow the link to the appropriate thread and post it there.

    The Awesome Oscillator

    The Relative Strength Index

    The Balance Of Power Indicator

    Directional Movement Indicator

    The Ultimate Oscillator

    Stochastic Oscillator And Variations

    Twiggs Money Flow

    The TRIX Indicator

    MACD, Moving Average Convergence Divergence Tool

    Dr. Elders Force Index

    The Ease Of Movement Indicator

    The Fisher Transform Indicator
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    This next tool is technically a custom indicator, but it is also a great oscillator... it is in fact a twist on the RSI oscillator we all know and love. This one adds a moving average of the RSI values that can be used as a signal line for crossovers and other signals such as support and resistance.

    RSIMA Tool In the Forum

    RSIMA Tool Review

    Oh, and PS, the article review is pretty funny, you know how Bogdan is when he starts talking about BS... such as a smiley face indicator he found for MT4 (not part of the RSIMA thank gosh)

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    Divergence and Automated Stochastic !!!

    Find out more about what Divergence is and a tool that will help you find divergence!

    Wait, don't call yourself a trader just yet. It's good to understand divergence first.
    You just read about convergence?
    Well, then you probably worked out that there is such a thing as divergence too!
    If you like Oscillator-based indicators then this is for you.
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    The Traders Dynamic Index - A Tool For All Seasons !!!

    Warning! This is not a simple tool. It is however a very powerful tool for more experienced traders. I say experienced because this index, an oscillator really, includes FOUR different analysis of the market and is akin to the ichimoku clouds. It includes a volatility channel, a moving average, an RSI and a signal line... all used to determine trends, reversals, support/resistance and entry. If you are already using a combination of tools that sounds like this but want to clean up your charts this is the tool for you.

    Trader's Dynamic Index, Full Review

    Trader's Dynamic Index, Forum Discussion

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    Aroon Oscillator - Catching The Dawn Of A New Trend !!!

    The Aroon Oscillator is similar to MACD in its presentation but very different from it in terms of calculation. It measures time relative to price, rather than price relative to time, and is used as a measure of trend and strength. It's best use is to find the start of new trends, which is why it is named "aroon". Aroon means "dawns light" or so I'm told.

    Aroon Oscillator Full Review

    Aroon Oscillator Forum Discussion

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    Volume Flow Indicator !!!

    This indicator can be discussed in the following thread:

    Volume Flow Indicator - Force of the Crowd

    The Volume Flow Indicator is an indicator that can measure
    the strength of the trend or in general, price movement.
    For example, when price falls from a resistance, you want to know
    if this is just a short retracement or a strong volume of sellers have entered
    the market? This is a good tool for exactly these types of analysis!
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    Accumulation Distribution Line Indicator !!!

    Click here to discuss the Accumulation/Distribution Line Indicator in this thread

    This is another indicator that Oscillates with the price and signals divergence,
    the direction and strength of the trend. You should use it together with other indicators
    to create a strong strategy.
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    Average Directional Movement, More Than Just Directional Movement !!!

    If you look at a standard Directional Movement Indicator and a standard Average Directional Movement Indicator you will not see much difference but I assure you, there is a distinction. The basic Directional Movement indicator, information in an earlier post, is made of two lines. These are the two lines that move and cross each other, the two that are harder to read. The Average Directional Movement Indicator is the third line, the one that incorporates both of the other lines into a simpler to read indicator. So, typically what you see when you look at either is the same thing... directional movement shown with ADX or ADX shown with directional movement. The bottom line, ADX is a good indicator you should check it out. This is an additional article we have on the subject,

    The ADX Average Directional Movement Indicator

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    Momentum Index Tool - Oscillator !!!

    You can click here to discuss all about this tool: Momentum Index Tool

    Momentum Index is also an Oscillator and it can signal OB/OS together with other
    confirmations that are common for Oscillators.
    You can use it as a strategy if you use it together with MA as described in the article.
    It is very good for signaling the strength of a trend.
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    Jensenís Alpha Indicator !!!

    Jensenís Alpha Indicator - The MACD Alternative??

    In the thread above, you can discuss the Jensenís Alpha Indicator which is an oscillator
    that can identify the strength of a trend or provide info regarding the performance of an asset (Stocks).
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