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    hi, I am new, please say hello. !!!

    Hi all, I am a total noob so any vital info would be appreciated. I am going through the school section of this site to learn as much as I can. As yet I have not traded. I will use the demo account to get accustomed to the exciting world of trading. I most want to learn about strategy and technical signals.
    My name is Richard, I'm a middle aged man from the UK. Due to my health I can't work full time but I can spend all day in front of a computer, so I'm looking to this to generate some income eventually.

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    Hello, goodluck trading

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    Hello and welcome to Communitraders. Test CT demo account!

    Happy trading!


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    First, feel good mate. Health is much more important then trading, and we all know how stressful trading could be.

    Second, focus on specific assets and strategies. Let us know if you have any questions!
    “Don't believe anything you read on the net. Except this. Well, including this, I suppose.” ― Douglas Adams

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    Hi richard good luck with trading and learning.
    Checkout communitraders youtube channel , the have lots of good info.

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    Thanks for the welcome, and thanks for letting me know about the YouTube channel. I will be sure to check that out. I love YouTube, I have learned such a lot from there, including avoiding scams.

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    What a brutal nickname. Welcome to BOTS! Just take it slow and try to learn as much as you can before risking real money. Avoinding scam is important, but there are also other risks to handle properly. Good luck and keep us updated.

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    hello, hope you are doing well. Take your time and soon you will be able to make some income from trading. Don't get discouraged, learn from you mistakes and ask us LOTS of questions.

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