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    Binary Options Tools - Moving Average Based Indicators !!!

    To be honest, most technical tools rely on some form of average, or moving average. The thing to keep in mind is that there is also a whole class of indicators that can be said to be exclusively moving average based, that display like a standard simple moving average, and that produce some of the most dependable and effective signals for short term traders. This thread is dedicated to all those tools and is intended to be a starting point for anyone interested in MA's and/or looking for a new type to use.

    Basically, a moving average is a measure of the average price over the past X number of days and shows things like trends, support and resitance levels where prices have been halted.

    There are dozens, literally, dozens of moving average variations and they all work! I'm going to start off with our forum thread about the high/low moving average, a good place to start, but more are on the way. If you know of one you like feel free to start a thread about it and paste the link here so we can follow it. I'll be adding more links to articles and forum discussions as I find them and they get started.

    The High/Low Moving Average For Binary Options

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    Wilder’s Smoothing Tool - Moving Average !!!

    Full Review of Wilder’s Smoothing Indicator for Binary Options Trading

    Moving Averages are great tools, serving many purposes!
    Confirm S/R lines, confirm the trend in short and long term and
    even breakouts and crossovers.
    Which Moving Average do you apply to your strategy?
    Discuss Welles Wilder's Smoothing MA in the thread I linked above and
    share your opinion on how you like to use it, do you prefer the EMA?
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    The JMA Ribbon Tool - Approved for Advanced Traders !!!

    This is a tool originally part of a custom strategy but since has been isolated as a stand alone tool for trend identification. It displays two lines, crossovers are used to ID trend changes, and uses color coding for easy viewing. I like it, but even if I didn't know what it was the fact that Bogdan approved it is enough for me. If you like to use the trend in your trading, this is a tool you will like.

    JMA Tool Ribbon - review

    JMA Ribbon Tool - forum Discussion

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    Moving averages, we like to talk about advanced methods of using them but little time with the basics. If you ever have a question about the basic fundamentals about moving averages and the variations of them these are the links for you. In the article Okane goes in depth into the subject, then in the forum we discuss it further.

    Moving Averages For Binary Options, Article

    Moving Averages Forum Discussion

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    Ultra TMA – Binary Options Tool for Price Reversals !!!

    Ultra TMA – Binary Options Tool for Price Reversals

    Click the link above to read more and discuss the Ultra TMA Tool.
    This is a moving average based indicator and at first sight, it looks like a Bollinger band.
    If you like to trade reversals, this is an accurate tool that signals potential reversals.
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